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Discipline is something I have always been great at. Or so I thought.

It’s relatively easy for me to decide on something and keep at it until I get it done. But lately, I find myself struggling to stay disciplined on specific goals. I find myself making excuses instead of…

Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay

Ever had a moment when you suddenly had a burst of insight? It feels like a million flashes of images running through your mind. You tend to gasp in realization, jolted by facts you had forgotten until that moment when it felt like someone turned the lights on.

I listened…

Blog post image by Angela Rose from Pixabay

I smile when I listen to people talk about the good old days or a time in their life when everything was great and going precisely according to plan. You see the spark in their eyes as they retell happy tales of the great days when life was great. You…

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