Tolerance is synonymous with diversity and inclusion, which has dominated workplace chatter and boardroom meetings in recent times. The share amount of variety we have in the world necessitates this move to ensure we can all embrace the beauties our world has to offer when we learn to treat everyone equally and with respect. These are great ideals that most organizations strive to instill in their workforce to create that enabling environment that benefits us all.

But how can we accept people for who they are, especially when what they stand for contradicts our beliefs? That, I think, is the…

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Balance is one of the hardest things to achieve in life, yet it’s one of the essential skills to have if you want to succeed in life and business. Finding the right balance between work and play, eating and exercising, spending, and investing is an act that people learn over time. And sometimes, when you think you have mastered this art, something comes along that throws you off completely or changes the game’s rules. For instance, Work-life balance is a term that held a particular meaning over the years until the pandemic hit and utterly re-defined it.

Finding the path…

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Anyone who has tried to close a complex sale knows that you cannot sway the customer with just words. They have to see, smell and touch the product up close. You need to immerse the customer in the “what it could look like” scenario. You can’t take on the sale of an MRI machine through TV ads; you need a different approach for that.

When I think about enterprise marketing, I think of it like taking the concept of surgery and applying it to business in a good way. It’s putting your client’s business on a surgical table, dissecting it…

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Tenacity is a word I love — the grits, drive, and perspiration that comes with staying in, giving all, and never letting go. The win comes at a price that only the persistent obtains.

It’s like being in a boxing match — one foot in front, one at the back. Hands up in a defensive position and knees bent slightly, ready for the fight. The mind is filled with pictures of what will be, in the end, victory as defined by the fighter.

When life hits hard with a challenge, you push back. You keep on going until the resistance…

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Discipline is something I have always been great at. Or so I thought.

It’s relatively easy for me to decide on something and keep at it until I get it done. But lately, I find myself struggling to stay disciplined on specific goals. I find myself making excuses instead of just getting on with it and doing what’s required to be done.

So I asked myself, “Why is it that I struggle with being disciplined on some of my goals and not on others?”

Then, I did some soul searching and came up with one answer — “I never really…

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Ever had a moment when you suddenly had a burst of insight? It feels like a million flashes of images running through your mind. You tend to gasp in realization, jolted by facts you had forgotten until that moment when it felt like someone turned the lights on.

I listened to a story recently, and that was when I had my light bulb moment. Two people — Bob and Richard — veered head to head, trying to get a position. Each tried to work, talk, and manipulate their way into this role. They were both qualified, intelligent, and hardworking, so…

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I smile when I listen to people talk about the good old days or a time in their life when everything was great and going precisely according to plan. You see the spark in their eyes as they retell happy tales of the great days when life was great. You watch their lips curl up in a satisfying smile as they talk about the abundance they enjoyed in either wealth, peace, power, or even human connection. You get drawn in rapt attention as their bodies get animated at the point the story gets to a crescendo as the adventure peaks…

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In most of the children’s books that I have read, the Fox is always portrayed as witty and wise. I joined that school of thought and imagined that I had an opportunity to speak with a very successful business enterprise owner — Mrs. Sly Foxy. She gave me a few pointers on how to sell your products in a highly competitive marketplace.

Here’s what S. Foxy had to say:

From the relentless entrepreneur working at a kitchen top table to the boardroom’s business executive, each one has a deep-seated interest to know who their customers really are.

Who should I…

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I was listening to a speaker recently as he talked about the importance of living life with some margin — space to breathe between activities. What I found fascinating about the whole concept is that the idea isn’t in the least new or groundbreaking, at least not to me.

But as I listened to him, I realized that it wasn’t about taking that vacation or sleeping in an hour longer; it was a state of heart and mind — a deliberate attempt to pause during a hectic day or life and breathe, soak up some much-needed air and exhale all…

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Kenny Rogers’s The Gambler is one of my all-time favorite songs. I particularly like how he says, “You’ve got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em, know when to walk away, Know when to run.” This song brings to life the notion of knowing when to act and when not to. The timing of everything is one of life’s most important success secrets.

Most business people who study the market see signs that say sell now or hold. And like any good investor, you pick the right timing to make a move, and you get rewarded…

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